April 01, 2020


Deschambault WasteAt the Deschambault smelter in Québec (Canada), there are nearly 219 reasons why a focused effort on eliminating landfilled waste can be successful.

That’s the number of metric tons of material the location kept out of landfills in 2019 when compared to 2016. Five of its top 10 wastes, not including spent potlining and dross, never reached the landfill during the year, with 100 percent being recycled or reused.

The location has set its sights on zero landfilled waste. A detailed roadmap determines the direction, while waste “budgets” for individual areas within the plant provide motivation. The location also has created a culture where waste is viewed as an opportunity—something with potential value.

Supporting the effort is a network of suppliers and customers to help the location recycle waste or find alternative uses. Carbon dust, for example, is sold for reuse as a raw material in the steel industry. Used refractory bricks are reused in cement plants as a raw material.

The location continues to tap into this network as it focuses on finding recycling or reuse opportunities for other waste materials.