October 20, 2017

Alcoa Foundation awards grant to Stichting Projekta in Suriname to improve educational and environmental skills for underserved students

PARANAM, SURINAME --?Alcoa Foundation announced a new partnership with Stichting Projekta today to improve the educational performance of 400 under-served primary school students through the use of school and community gardens as an instrument for improved education, environmental awareness and life skills in Suriname.

Stichting Projekta is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the substantial participation of women, youth and other underrepresented groups in the process of human development. It will use Alcoa Foundation funding to implement four school gardens that will serve under-served students in the districts of Para, Marowijne and Brokopondo.

“This will be the fourth time since 2001 that Projekta and Alcoa Foundation will partner in a project to benefit local communities and youth,” said Sharda Ganga, Director, Stichting Projekta. “This project is also based on the outcomes of a capacity strengthening program previously funded by Alcoa Foundation, and implemented by Projekta. The current project was designed in cooperation with local organizations who will be the ultimate guardians of the school gardens.”

The gardens will be set up and managed by local organizations who will also teach students valuable skills and knowledge required for future self-employment opportunities in the organic agriculture industry. Also, the gardens will provide vulnerable students with meals made from the fresh vegetables grown at the schools. Local entrepreneurs will also benefit from opportunities to learn about organic farming through training programs.

“Suralco LLC supported this partnership, knowing the measurable positive impact projected by Stichting Projekta for the communities of the three districts of Para, Marowijne and Brokopondo, areas we have conducted business in and continue to be committed to serving,” said Ruben Halfhuid, Managing Director, Suralco LLC . “We congratulate Stichting Projekta and the communities on this grant and want to encourage them with this quote by M.J.T.Stepanek: ‘Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.’”

Alcoa Foundation is focused on building sustainable communities through strategic investments focused on achieving measurable, long-term results.

?“Alcoa Foundation is proud to support such a comprehensive program that will combine innovative educational, environmental and workforce development components to serve three important communities in Suriname,” said Rosa García Pineiro, President, Alcoa Foundation. “This partnership with Stichting Projekta is a great example of how our Foundation aims to invest, to make a positive and long-lasting impact on our shared environment.”?

This program is set to begin in early 2018.



Alcoa Foundation’s predecessor, currently known as Legacy Alcoa Foundation (and formerly known as Alcoa Foundation), was founded in 1952 as one of the few endowed corporate foundations in the United States. As a result of the separation of Alcoa Inc. into Alcoa Corporation and Arconic Inc. in November 2016, two new foundations were formed, into which the assets of Legacy Alcoa Foundation were transferred. One of the newly formed foundations, known now as Alcoa Foundation, is the foundation associated with Alcoa Corporation. Today, Alcoa Foundation invests where Alcoa Corporation has a presence, providing grants that contribute to environmental excellence around the world, particularly in the areas of biodiversity conservation and climate change research. Learn more at?alcoafoundation.com?and follow?@AlcoaFoundation?on Twitter.


Stichting Projekta is a Suriname based NGO focusing on issues of governance, participation and gender equality. Projekta has a strong track record in capacity building programs for organizations at all levels, including communities. As a rights-based organization we aim to establish spaces of dialogue between right holders and duty bearers.

Media Contact –
Suralco LLC: Ruben Halfhuid - Managing Director. E: ruben.halfhuid2@alcoa.com, Ph:08969309

Stichting Projekta: Sharda Ganga - Director. E: projekta@sr.net, Ph:08570493